Verac the DefiledEdit

Verac the Defiled is the second youngest of the six Barrows brothers. Verac's crypt is located to the north-west of the Barrows area.

Verac's set effect: Verac's Defilement, allows Verac's hits to have a chance to hit through protection prayer, also ignoring defence in a similar fashion to a player wearing a full set of Verac's equipment. This effect does not trigger any animations or sound effects, so players should monitor their lifepoints carefully. Protect from Melee is still advised when attacking Verac to lower the amount of times he will hit. This set effect makes Verac very dangerous and food is likely needed to kill him.

Verac is arguably the toughest brother, although his max hit is significantly lower than that of Dharok's ( who is considered by many to be the most dangerous brother) , he is the only brother who can not be dealt with by just praying.

Verac the Defiled
Donor/Premium? No
Combat level 115
Xp per kill Leg:


HP 0



HP 0



HP 0

North-West Barrows Hill
Combat info
Health Unknown
Max hit 25
Attack Defence Ranged Magic
0 0 0 0
Agressive Yes
Attack style Melee


Rarity Drop
Always N/A
Common N/A
Uncommon N/A
Rare Verac's Helm, Brassard, Skirt, and Flail
Very rare N/A

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