Karils the TaintedEdit

Karil the Tainted is the fourth oldest of the Barrows brothers. Karil uses the Ranged corner of the combat triangle.

Despite being seen as one of the weaker brothers Karil is certainly not to be underestimated as he hits rapidly and especially extremely accurate leaving even high levelled players with few hitpoints.

Karil's Taint lowers the player's Agility, which can become a pain during the Barrows minigame as you try to reach the chest as fast as possible.

Most players prefer using melee on Karil, but Magic spells also are surprisingly effective even though he wears leather clothing, which is supposed to be magic resistant. A theory for this is that he is a Range user, and thus has a very low Magic level, which would subsequently result in him having a low magical defence.

Karil the Tainted
Donor/Premium? No
Combat level 98
Xp per kill Leg:


HP 0



HP 0



HP 0

South-Most Barrows Hill
Combat info
Health 100
Max hit 20
Attack Defence Ranged Magic
0 0 0 0
Agressive Yes
Attack style Ranged


Rarity Drop
Always N/A
Common N/A
Uncommon N/A

Karil's Coif

Karils Leatherbody

Karils Skirt

Karils Crossbow

Very rare N/A