Guthans the InfestedEdit

Guthan the Infested is the third oldest of the six Barrows brothers. Guthan's crypt is located at the south-east of the Barrows area. He attacks with melee using his Guthan's warspear. He attacks at a fairly average/slow speed, but despite this, he can still deal around 20 damage per hit and should not be taken lightly, despite being regarded as one of the weaker Barrows brothers.

Guthan's set effect: Infestation, allows him to heal himself at a 1:1 ratio, so if he deals 20 hitpoints of damage and the effect occurs, he would recover 20 hitpoints. His effect is accompanied by an animation when activated; three ghostly entities surround Guthan's opponents then circle around them in an upwards motion.

Guthan's weakness is Magic, it is therefore recommended to use cost-effective spells such as bolt spells or the Magic Dart spell against him, with the latter being conveniently accurate and cost-effective, since looting the chests gives you death and mind runes. Wearing Ranged or melee armour is not recommended when fighting him (or any of the melee-based brothers for that matter), unless players intend to cast the Magic Dart spell, which is so accurate that players can hit well even with melee armour equipped.

Guthan the Infested
Donor/Premium? No
Combat level 115
Xp per kill Leg:


HP 0



HP 0



HP 0

South-East Barrows Hill
Combat info
Health Unknown
Max hit 24
Attack Defence Ranged Magic
0 0 0 0
Agressive Yes
Attack style Melee


Rarity Drop
Always N/A
Common N/A
Uncommon N/A

Guthan's Helm

Guthans Body

Guhans Chainskirt

Guthans Warspear

Very rare N/A