Combat Level 138
Hitpoints 1600?
Slayer Level 1
Leg Slay XP ??
Lord Slay XP ??
Sir Slay XP ??
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee, Magic,


Attack Speed Monster attack speed-random
Max Hit Melee-??, Magic-??,


Weakness Ranged
Always Drops Bones
Examine It's a Glod

Glod is arguably the hardest boss in the game. He is a huge muscular giant who is known for his fabled Dragon Full Helm. He can be found by speaking to the Mercenary NPC right outside of Edgeville Bank. To first get to Glod, one must complete a minigame. In this minigame, you must kill two NPCs, The Everlasting and The Inadequacy. Once you complete the minigame, speak to the Mercenary again and he will from now on, allow you to face Glod whenever speaking to him.


There is no real strategy for facing Glod. This is because Glod uses all three attack styles to fight, Ranged, Melee and Magic. In this case, depending on which of the three attack styles you choose to fight him with, the corresponding prayer is chosen as well. If using Ranged, you would therefore use Protect From Melee. If using Magic, you would therefore use Protect From Missiles. If using Melee, you would therefore use Protect From Magic.


Always Drops

Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 1 Always


Item Quantity Rarity
Rune Dagger Rune Dagger 1 2 Common
Rune Longsword Rune Longsword 1 2 Common
Rune Battleaxe Rune Battleaxe 1 2 Common
Rune Spear Rune Spear 10 2 Common


Item Quantity Rarity
Rune Full Helm Rune Full Helm 1 2 Common
Rune Platebody Rune Platebody 1 2 Common
Rune Plateskirt Rune Plateskirt 1 2 Common
Rune Sq Shield Rune Sq Shield 1 2 Common
Dragon Full Helm Dragon Full Helm 1 5 Very rare


Item Quantity Rarity
Rune Arrow Rune Arrow 50 2 Common
Dragon Arrow Dragon Arrow 5–10 3 Uncommon
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 3 Uncommon
Coins Coins 150,000 3 Uncommon
Raw Shark Raw Shark 25(Noted) 3 Uncommon
Runite Ore Runite Ore 3(Noted) 3 Uncommon
Saradomin Brew(4) Saradomin Brew(4) 5(Noted) 3 Uncommon
Grimy Creature Grimy Creature 1 3 Uncommon
Hard Clue Scroll Hard Clue Scroll 1 4 Rare
Minecart Ticket Minecart Ticket 1 5 Very rare