Donation page.

How to donate to Divine-Reality.

To donate to Divine-Reality simply go to or on the Divine-Reality website click the extra links tab and select donate.

Once on the donation page enter your in game username you wish to recieve the items you are donating for, then select which reward you would like to recieve. This will the redirect you to paypal where you will finalize your payment.

After the payment is complete type "::claimdonation" without the quotes in game and you will recieve your item. Note: Please claim each donation before you place another otherwise you will only recieve your most recent donation rewards.

What are the benifits of the donator status?

Donator island (::di) consisting of:

  • Barrows npc's (Excluding Dharok) which drop their expected armours.
  • Quick acess to the runecrafting altars.
  • Quick acess to banks and prayer altars.
  • 2x Adamite rocks and 1x Runite rock located close to banks.
  • Green dragons, Red dragons and Black dragons are all located on the island.
  • Abyssal demons are located on the island.
  • Chaos elemental (Only one outside of the wilderness).
  • Ability to do the ::yell freely.
  • Donator icon.

What are the benifits of the premium donator status?

Premium island (::prem) consisting of:

  • Slash bash.
  • Ability to select from 6 different donator icons.
  • Increased chance at recieving loot from the barrows chest.
  • Acess to a new mining area with more ores and a bank.
  • All of the donator status features.
  • More features are currently undergoing work.

What does the donator ring do?

  • The donator ring gives the wearer a 5% drop rate increase which is able to be stacked on the legends mode drop rate increase.

What does the advanced donator ring do?

  • The advanced donators ring gives the wearer a 7.5% drop rate increase which is able to be stacked on the legends mode drop rate increase.
  • The ring also gives +5 to all stats excluding strength in which it gives a +2.

For more information on donation please go here.