Abyssal Demon

Abyssal Demons are one of the strongest types of demons, located at the top of the Slayer Tower. Only players with level 85 Slayer or higher can fight these demons and obtain their drops. The Abyssal Demon is killed for it's rare drop the abyssal whip . The abyssal whip is regarded as one of the best one handed weapons in the game, and is used commonly in PvP and PvM.

250px-Abyssal demon
Donor/Premium? No
Combat level 124
Xp per kill Leg:


HP 0?



HP 0?



HP 0?

Slayer tower L3 / Donor island
Slayer info
Slayer level 85
Slayer xp 0?
Combat info
Health 150
Max hit 0?
Attack Defence Ranged Magic
0? 0? 0? 0?
Agressive No
Attack style Melee


Rarity Drop
Always Bones x1

Death rune x10

Lobster x3

Chaos rune x50


Rune battleaxe x1

Rune 2h sword x1

Coins x10,000

Loop half of key x1

Tooth half of key x1


Abyssal whip x1

Shield left half x1

Shield right half x1

Dragon med helm x1

Clue scroll x1

Clue scroll x1

Very rare

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